After so many requests, CHURCH powerpoint is back in a new format, offering free share faith sermons and corresponding free sermon powerpoints.

CHURCH powerpoint  ranked among the most used sites in the world and it has certainly been copied by a variety of profit motivated design corporations that have appeared in this niche. There is no question that image use during a service is practically a requirement today for attracting/keeping youth in our churches. And, surprisingly, in my churches, those members who were very vocal in their opposition to using powerpoint during the service, usually became its greatest supporters. 

​About Me:  Ministry was a second career.  Working as a design executive for major retail and design corporations, I eventually started my own business providing design and construction drawings for national retail chains.  When my children went off to college, I chose a new life and entered seminary, Andover Newton Theological School in Boston.  I served churches in New York and Michigan as a United Methodist pastor.  Upon retirement, recognizing the need of small churches and missions with an almost non-existent budget for scripturally based images, I began the website, CHURCH powerpoint, as my ministry, offering free images for those following the lectionary, sermons, etc.  

About CHURCHpowerpoint:  Not realizing the costs, it became apparent after several years that I could not afford to keep up the free site. Yet, on the other hand, I knew that many churches counted on it  Thus, came about the birth of CHURCH galleries where most individual images are only $1.95, a monthly subscription, an affordable $14.95 and a cost saving annual subscription of $99, less than $2 per week.  

About CHURCHgalleries:  Each Sunday, churches throughout the world sharefaith  with CHURCH galleries' superb collections of sermon powerpoints:

  • Each professionally designed Church PowerPoint template offers both traditional and contemporary  images to accompany your Sunday sermon. 
  • Each PowerPoint image set consists of sermon powerpoints with and without text reference as well as a corresponding background slide, supplying vital options. 

Pastors also use our collections of images for a variety of church events and seasons such as,  Fall, Back to School, Mother's Day, Labor Day, 9-11, much more.

CHURCH galleries is growing.  it has expanded its image categories and will continue to grow, providing a premier website for both  traditional and contemporary churches around the world.

​The new CHURCHpowerpoint:  However, CHURCH powerpoint with its free image and reflection on the scripture was so popular and requested so often..........I just couldn't shut it down. ​ We now offer free share faith sermons with a corresponding sermon powerpoint.

​ I do ask that you support CHURCH powerpoint with a subscription to CHURCH galleries or please donate to help cover the additional costs.  

 Let me know what you think.  I would love to hear from you with comments and/or suggestions. 

 Blessings, Rev. Dorothy Okray

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