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SHARE-faith an ever changing selection of images for a variety of church activities., the original website for FREE churchpowerpoints, serving thousands of churches worldwide is once again offering a selection of free images.  Click on CHURCHgalleries, plus....... see below:  

Sermon PowerPointFree image each week for the lectionary reading:   Click on Free Church Resource.

Share-Faith Sermon:  A new feature that shares the faith of a variety of pastors with  a fresh, contemporary and, at times, controvertial sermon/view on the text. Click on Free Church Resource.

Be sure to check out CHURCHgalleries, if you haven't done so already.  It is a much needed addition...a premier website for all your church needs.  It has been called "the best buy on the web."
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May and become your invaluable resource for all your church related needs.  
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